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Are you in the market for a home or apartment to rent? Moving into an apartment or a home could be very stressful if you are doing it on your own. My licensed agents are highly trained and motivated to find you the perfect home. Our average turnaround time from first initial contact to when turning an application in is right under 2 hours. The best part of this service is that it’s entirely free to you. In addition to this service we provide a $50 gift card upon move in to assist with the application fee.

Do you have a broken lease or eviction?
Do you have a misdemeanor or felony?
Do you have bad credit?

We all have certain situations that sometimes need to be accommodated and my agents are very mindful of this and will show you the best value for your money. Call us today and let’s start saving you time and money.

  • Are your services really FREE?

That’s a great question. Yes, it is absolutely FREE. The primary focus of our apartment locators is to take the entire stress and hassle out of the moving process and to truly allow you to enjoy moving into your new home. Our services are paid for by the apartment complex or home you choose. In using our apartment locator service we also cover your application fee with a $50 gift card upon move in. So now not only are you receiving this service for fee but you’re also saving money.

  • What’s the benefits of an apartment locator?

There are many benefits of working with an apartment locator. It is a very convenient service, It saves you time and money. The best way to explain this service is think of Expedia. You basically check box every option you want in making your best vacation in this case your apartment and we narrow down your search for you based on everything you’re looking for. Whether it being an amazing move in special, a townhome, a place that accepts your pets, etc. It’s a much more efficient way of shopping for a homethat removes all the stress and hassle of doing things on your own. Plus, the locator walks you through the entire process from hello to handing you the keys to your new home. You also go into this feel much more confident by have someone that’s a professional in the field walk you through the entire process.

  • When should I start searching for a new home?

You typically would want to start your search when you are 60 days out from your desired move in date. Shopping ahead of time is very crucial in landing you the best rate possible. I advise you to get in contact with an agent as you’re approaching the 60 day window to spark conversation and helping you find the perfect home with the right deal.


  • I have a special situation. (Broken lease, eviction, misdeamenor, felony, bad credit) What can you do to help?

We are all human and sometimes life gives us certain set backs and we understand that. Here at RD Realty Group my agents are very mindful of your situation. We handle this very diligently and complete privacy. Working with an apartment locator is more crucial for you at this point because you need to find the right property that will work with your situation and not applying at places and hoping to get approved.